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Spread happiness at your office, child’s school, or community area! 


Creating your
own wall is easy!

Happy acts are small things that leave a big impact. Once you understand the power of happiness, it changes your thinking. You act differently. You interact differently. Happier people lead more satisfied lives. Simply put, they just live better. Now you have the opportunity to bring happiness to the people you interact with on a daily basis by creating your own Happiness Wall!


Download our wall guide to help you plan a Happiness Wall for your office, child’s school, or community.

You can also purchase a Happiness Wall Kit for only $39.95 at Each kit includes wall cards, bracelets, #HappyActs cards stickers and everything you need to spread happiness!

Looking to build a freestanding Happiness Wall of your own? If you want to have a Happiness Wall but are having a hard time finding a large wall or bulletin board you can use this as a guide to build your own freestanding Happiness Wall!  

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