I will write my partner a list of things I love about him or her.


Show gratitude to your partner by taking a few minutes and writing a list of things you love about him or her. 

Practice this happy act and post it to social media using #HappyActs. See what others are doing on our #HappyActs Tagboard


Redefining Love

What is this thing called love, and why is it so important to your body and mind?


Relationships and Love - One of Ten Practices for Choosing Joy

Barbara Fredrickson is among the most highly cited scholars in psychology and she serves as President of the International Positive Psychology Association. Her research reveals how micro-moments of love and other forms of positivity nourish your health, wisdom and longevity. In this episode of Live Happy Now she discusses connection—one of 10 practices for choosing joy.


Achieving Harmonious Passion

James Pawelski-founding director of the UPenn Masters in Applied Positive Psychology program-and his wife, journalist and contributing editor to Live Happy Suzann Pileggi Pawelski, discuss how research from positive psychology can lead to meaningful and long-lasting relationships.