I will speak to a manager and acknowledge a great employee.


If there is a one-word answer to the secret of happiness, it is gratitude. Take some time to show your appreciation for a job well done.

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8 Easy Practices to Enhance Gratitude

These eight simple exercises can help enhance your gratitude and improve your sense of well-being.


Say Thank You

Tal Ben-Shahar and our partners at Happier.TV, reminds us that small practices of gratitude can result in major boosts in happiness. When we stop to appreciate the people and things around us, our well-being thrives.


Gratitude—One of 10 Practices for Choosing Joy

Sonja Lyubomirsky is author of The How of Happiness, the first book by a highly credentialed positive psychologist to present the latest research in a how-to format. In this episode of Live Happy Now she discusses gratitude—one of 10 practices for choosing joy.


Tap Into the Power of Gratitude

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