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1st place:

cookies & ice cream or pizza party for your department

$100 amazon gift card

3 live happy products of your choice


2nd place: 

$50 amazon gift card

2 live happy products of your choice


3rd place:

$25 amazon gift card

2 live happy products of Your choice



  1. Get started: Pick up your Happy Acts wall from the reception desk in your area. Or, put your DIY skills to work and create your own wall.
  2. Gather your team: Reach out to everyone you know and ask them to do a wall. Send them to www.happyacts.org/wallhost.
  3. Register your wall: Be sure to add your wall to our map! Use your work email to register at www.happyacts.org/map. If you recruited other wall hosts, they MUST also register using your work email NOT their own.
  4. Show the world: Put your wall on a fridge, break room or anywhere you can think of.
  5. Snap a photo! Make sure you get pictures from your wall, your recruits' walls and post on social media using #HappyActs. There is also a folder in the company shared drive "Live Happy happy acts pictures." We advise you to create a folder with your name and place your pictures there.
  6. #Winning! We will celebrate you like you have never been celebrated before. Start registering your walls and you could be the lucky winner of the prizes above!