Get Ideas for #HappyActs

Watch real life #HappyActs in action and get ideas on how to make the world a happier place.

Take a picture or video and share it on social media with the hashtag #HappyActs. After you post it you can see your happy act (and many others) on our tagboard

Looking for more ideas for #HappyActs? Check out our generator! Simply click the refresh button whenever you want to see a new happy act to share and wait to see what random idea pops up.

some of our favorite ideas:

happy acts generator

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  • Share a photo of what makes you happy.

  • Thank someone who positively influenced your life.

  • Read a book with your kids.

  • Take out the trash for an elderly neighbor

  • Listen to a friend who needs to talk.

  • Call your grandparents.

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter.

  • Write down three things you are grateful for about your day and encourage others to do the same.