Planning faqs


recorded calls:

Wall Host Call Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wall Host Call Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wall Host Call Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wall Host Call Thursday, March 16, 2017

wall EVENT:

  1. What day(s) should I host my wall if March 20 falls on a weekday?
    The official day to host a wall the weekend prior to March 20 is on Saturday, March 17.

  2. What should my wall location hours be? 
    Wall location hours can be decided by you and based on the location itself.

  3. Am I allowed to have extra activities at my wall?
    Yes, we just ask that you abide by the rules of the location. You should not be selling products or services—this is a day to spread happiness!

  4. Do you have music I can play at my wall?
    Add us on Spotify by visiting our page online or by searching LiveHappyMagazine on the Spotify app. We have a playlist specifically created for the International Day of Happiness with four hours of tunes.

Wall location

  1. I need to secure my wall location; do you have a letter I can send to a potential venue/location to introduce them to the #HappyActs mission?
    You can use the Wall Location Form Letter to help introduce organizations and locations to #HappyActs.

  2. When do I need to confirm my wall location address, date and time? 
    Please add your wall event information to our #HappyActs Map no later than Friday, March 9, 2018.  
  3. My location needs a permit and/or has a rental fee. Can I get reimbursed?
    Please send the permit and/or location rental fee cost to no later than Friday, March 2, 2018, to get approved for reimbursement. If approved, the reimbursement could take up to five weeks.

  4. I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for my location. How do I get one? 
    Please send your insurance requirements to no later than Friday, March 2, 2018, and a COI will be provided to you. If your COI request is submitted after, we cannot guarantee it can be provided in time.

  5. Am I allowed to have more than one wall location on different days? 
    Yes, of course! If you plan to host a wall in multiple locations and on multiple days, please be sure to add each of them to our #HappyActs Map no later than Friday, March 9, 2018.

WALL construction:

  1. Will Live Happy provide me with a physical wall or should I build my own? 
    Wall hosts must construct their own walls. It’s simple and easy to do—have fun with it, be creative and get inspired with our gallery of walls from previous #HappyActs. 

  2. Can I get reimbursed for materials that I purchase to build my own wall? 
    Live Happy will not issue reimbursements on wall materials. 

  3. What size does the wall need to be? 
    The size of the wall is dependent on the wall host and the space that is allowed at the location.  

wall materials:

  1. Will Live Happy be providing wall kits?
    Due to the huge popularity of the #HappyActs program, Live Happy will no longer be able to provide wall kits. Live Happy has a free digital wall kit complete with the wall card and sticker print-ready art files for you to print as needed for your wall.
  2. Does Live Happy have official #HappyActs shirts for purchase?
    Yes, you can purchase #HappyActs shirts for yourself and/or volunteers at our online store
  3. I would like to offer Live Happy magazines at my wall event, where can I purchase them at a discount?
    You can purchase Live Happy magazines for a discount here

forms and guides:

HappyActs Calendar (11"x17") - Download now

Volunteer Sign Up Sheet - Download now

Wall Host Event Flyer - Download Customizable PDF or Regular

SignUp Form Instructions - Want to maximize your BBBS donation? Collect your visitors' email addresses using our app! Download the installation instructions here.

Organization Wall Letter - Download now

public relations:

  1. How do I get added to the Live Happy Wall Host Facebook Group?
    Live Happy will invite you to the private Live Happy Wall Host Facebook Group the first week after you’re accepted as a wall host. 
  2. How do I get media to my wall location?   
    Send the below resources to local media to encourage them to come to your wall. 
    Save the Date; send this notice to your local media to help initiate the conversation about your wall. 
    Media Alert will increase awareness and drive coverage and traffic to your wall. 
    Press Release to announce #HappyActs campaign nationwide. 
    Frequently Asked Questions for media. 
    Key messages.

  3. I have some media contacts. What should I be doing?  
    Contact Richard Ioannou and Dina White from Krupp Kommunications and let her know your media contacts. Krupp Kommunications will cross-reference to strategically align with their own outreach efforts.

  4. During my wall event, what hashtags should I be using in my social media posts? 
    Please use the #HappyActs and #YourCity. For example: #HappyActs #Dallas
  5. I have photos and videos from my wall event. Where should I send them? 
    Please send all photos and videos to Please add caption info including your city, state and country in the subject line. 

Organization Wall Letter - Download now