Create a Happiness wall

In celebration of this day, each year Live Happy leads the way with their seventh annual #HappyActs campaign to spread happiness around the world—encouraging you and other happy activists to create a Happiness Wall. It can be at your local school, office, business or other public spaces where passersby can write how they share happiness with others.

This year, we have a record-breaking goal of 1,500 Happiness Walls! We need your help to achieve this goal—register your wall today and become part of a global movement. Let’s change the world one Happiness Wall at a time!


Invite your co-workers, community members, or get your local school involved in our 31-day #HappyActs calendar. This is a fun, easy way to focus on positive acts and engage people in an activity that becomes part of a global movement. 

Find daily ideas and science-based facts behind why you get that warm, fuzzy feeling every time you do a small act of kindness on our calendar.

Who is live happy?

Live Happy, is a company dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness through education, integrity, gratitude and community awareness. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, its mission is to impact the world by bringing the happiness movement to a personal level and inspiring people to engage in purpose-driven, healthy, meaningful lives.