Your guide to promoting and planning the ultimate #happyacts wall event

Thank you for helping make the world a happier place through #HappyActs by being a Wall Host! Through this page, you will be able to share social media posts and compose email marketing campaigns to share with your followers as well as obtain wall host training calls, forms, FAQs and much more. 

In each section below, you will find posts for various social media networks, copy for email marketing campaigns, website banners and videos that you can use to help promote #HappyActs. You will also find all the resources you will need to hold a successful wall host event such as wall host training calls, how to build a wall, forms, ask letter for schools, malls and other various venues and FAQs. Click the buttons below to jump to each section.



It's time to start planning! Figure out when and where you want to host your wall, what materials will be used, and how to get ready to promote your event.



Here you will resources to help promote your wall. We have all the information and additional graphics you may need to promote through social media and email.



You started planning and promoting, but maybe you're not sure how to host your wall event. Fear no more! Check out past events to gain some inspiration!