Wall FAQs

frequently asked questions

Have questions about hosting a wall at your local school, business or public space? Check out our FAQs to learn more about how to host a successful wall event.

wall EVENT:

  1. What day(s) should I host my wall if March 20 falls on a weekday? The official day to host a wall the weekend prior to March 20 is on Saturday, March 16.

  2. Am I allowed to have extra activities at my wall? Yes! We just ask you abide by the rules of your location. Please no soliciting—this is a day to spread happiness!

  3. Do you have music I can play at my wall? Add us on Spotify by visiting our page online.

Wall locatioN:

  1. I found a potential location, do you provide information I can send to introduce them to #HappyActs? Sure do! Here is a #HappyActs Brochure.

  2. I found a potential location, do you have a letter I can send to ask my location to be my host location? Yes! Here is an ask letter you can customize and send to a local business or school.

  3. Am I allowed to have more than one wall location? Yes, of course—the more the merrier! If you multiple locations, please be sure to add each of them to our #HappyActs Map.


  1. Wall Host Event Flyer - Download and print this flyer to promote your happiness wall in your community.

  2. How do I get media to my wall location?
    Media Training and Preparation - Learn quick tips and tricks to get media to your wall as well as radio and TV interviews.
    Press Release - Customize this document with your wall location information and send to local media. Key Messages - Review our key messages and be a pro at discussing #HappyActs to local media.

  3. During my wall event, what hashtags should I be using for social media? We will be following #LiveHappy #HappyActs

wall materials: 

  1. Is there an official #HappyActs shirt? Yes, you can purchase #HappyActs shirts on our online store.

  2. I would like to offer Live Happy magazines at my wall event, where can I purchase them at a discount? You can purchase magazines at a local retailer or our online store.